Elections: 2019-2020 Term

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The Stokes PTA will hold a vote in June for the 2019-2020 executive board. We have current candidates for the president, vice president, secretary, communications chair, and events chair positions. If you are interested in running for treasurer or membership chair, please email stokespta@gmail.com.

Absentee voting for PTA members will be available at the front desk beginning Monday, June 3, through 6 p.m. Wednesday, June 5. In-person voting will occur for PTA members at the June 5 PTA meeting. Winners will be announced by Friday, June 7.

We will elect following officer positions:

President: Presides over Stokes PTA meetings, is an ex officio member of all committees, and coordinates the work of the officers and committees. Works with Stokes administrative staff to coordinate the Stokes PTA and Stokes School efforts.

Vice President: Aids the president and fill in for the president as needed.

Secretary: Records and maintains minutes of all meetings for the Stokes PTA.

Treasurer: Receive, record, and deposit all monies in a timely manner. Maintain Stokes PTA’s financial records. Present a treasurer’s report at each meeting.

The following positions also serve on the Stokes PTA board. These positions may have co-chairs.

Communications Chair: Leads communications committee in aiding communication of all Stokes PTA Events, undertakes the maintenance of the Stokes PTA website, and coordinates online payment for events.

Events Chair: Be point of contact for all the Stokes PTA Events. The Events chair works with Stokes administration and other staff to help plan dates of events and coordination between staff and the Stokes PTA.

Membership Chair: Creates flyer to secure PTA membership, collects annual PTA dues, develops/maintains yearly PTA membership roster.

Candidate Statements

Talitha Lindo (President Candidate)

I’d like to be an officer on the Stokes PTA Executive Board, because I feel strongly about giving back to the school, and the community where my daughter spends most of her time. Parent involvement is very important to the success of a school, and I believe it my responsibility to volunteer and serve. As the PTA President, I hope to carry out the school’s mission, and work with the entire school community in making Stokes such a great place to be. I’d like to build relationships, identify areas where improvements can be made, and also maintain the things that are working well. I offer new ideas and an a fresh outlook on how a PTA serves as the backbone of a school. My hope is to also bring new energy and excitement, that encourage more parents/families to be involved. 

I am currently the PTA President at Stokes East End. I have lead the PTA board at East End in establishing a brand new PTA. It’s been such a great experience, and I look forward to working with the Brookland PTA.  

For questions/more information: presidentstokeseastendpta@gmail.com

Taylor Beis (President Candidate)

I, Taylor Beis, am running for the position of President of the Elsie Whitlow Stokes Brookland Campus Parent Teacher Association. 

I  am running for this position because I would like to take an active leadership role within the school, among the parent community, and make a greater impact on the lives of all children attending the EW Stokes Brookland Campus. Previously, I served on the board of the Takoma Children’s School, and successfully co-lead the annual auction and school fundraiser. 

It is my goal, if elected to the position of President, to lead the PTA and the PTA executive board with the goal of promoting the welfare and education of our children and parents at home, in school and our community. 

My goals, if elected to the position of President, are:

1. Fulfill the duties of the position of President, according to the EW Stokes PTA bylaws, which includes coordinating the goals of the PTA and the Stokes Administration, coordinate the activities of the executive board and the board officers, the filing required tax forms by year end and bring transparency and inclusion to members of the PTA and the entire parent community.

2. Bring organization, efficiencies and professional decorum to the PTA organization.

3. Support the creation and advancement of the newly-formed subcommittee that promotes interaction and collaboration among the DCI feeder schools.

4. Better communicate the value of the PTA with the parent community.

5. Increase the interaction between the PTA, the parent community, the EW Stokes administration, and the EW Stokes Board.

6. Continue to promote the mission and goals of the PTA, by expanding the development and fundraising opportunities for the playground campaign, maximize parent, teacher and administration engagement opportunities, and better leverage the parent and broader school community to support the PTA and the EW Stokes institution.

I thank you for your time, and kindly ask for your vote of support for the position of president.

Taylor Beis
Parent to Colin (2f) and Olivia (PKFB)  

For questions/more information: taylorbeis@gmail.com

Brian Galvin (VP Candidate)

I’m currently the Board Chair for the Bylaws committee at the East End Stokes location and will be relocating to the Brookland campus with my daughter Diarra for the 2019-2020 school year (Kindergarten). 

During my tenure I not only worked to establish our bylaws but also assisted the President in growing membership, creating incentives for fundraising (popcorn sales, book exchange programs, etc) establishing our non-profit status, as well as interim Treasurer.

My objective as Vice President is to continue to be an active parent in my daughter’s school and assist in any and every way possible to ensure that we’re able to provide addtional tools and options not only for our children’s growth but also for the community.

For questions/more information: galvin.briank@gmail.com

Monica Bailey-Delissaint (Secretary Candidate)

My name is Monica Bailey Delissaint and I am running for Secretary of the Stokes Brookland Campus PTA.

BACKGROUND: My one and only child, Elle Delissaint is in 3rd Grade French. I have been an active member of the PTA for the past four years and have assisted in various volunteer roles throughout the school, most recently as 3F Room Parent.

CREDENTIALS: I am currently serve as 3F Room Parent, Member of the Brookland Campus PTA Bylaws Committee,Third Vice President of the Washington DC Alumnae Chapter, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., and Chair, Finance Committee for the National Institute of Government Procurement. I’ve also previously served as Secretary and Chair of various organizations in the past. This experience has afforded me the opportunity to be well versed parliamentary procedures. As Secretary, I feel it important to help the President and Vice President maintain order and professional procession at all meetings.

WHY I AM RUNNING: Being a member of such an active PTA organization allowed me to see the importance in the role the PTA plays in sustaining, maintaining, and taking ownership over the welfare of our children’s educational environment and school community. As parents, we must take an active interest in all of our children’s activities and environments to ensure that our values, ideas, and goals for our kids marry with the actions of persons involved in their life.

As my daughter prepares her transition to the 4th grade, I too feel the need to transition to a more active leadership role in the PTA. Please consider me for your vote as Secretary, thank you.

For questions/more information: mbdelissaint@gmail.com

Jillian Jarrett (Events Chair candidate)

I’ve served on the Stokes PTA since its inception. My son, Amari, is currently in 3F and my daughter is an alumna about to graduate DCI middle school. I started a new, more demanding job last year that led me to step away from the PTA. I also wanted to give others an opportunity to serve our school and students. I realized being part of the PTA kept me informed on what was happening in my son’s school life and it helped me feel a stronger sense of being part of the Stokes community. I miss that.

As Events Chair, I will share ideas on how to reach parents where they are. Whether at drop-off/pick-up or thru room parents. My goal is to help bridge the gap between the busy working parents that don’t have time to attend meetings or a lot of school activities but also still want to be aware of their child’s education and school happenings. 

For questions/more information: jilliansowah@gmail.com

Karen Beis (Communications Chair Candidate)

I, Karen Beis, am running for Communications Chair of the Stokes PTA, Brookland campus. I have close to 20 years of experience working in the Communications/Publishing field. I’ve volunteered and been involved with Stokes and the Stokes PTA a great deal this school year. I am a member of the Playground committee. At last month’s meeting, I presented a new subcommittee with a focus on increasing communication with the other DCI feeder schools and offered to co-chair it. I also took over the duties of Box Tops for Education coordinator for the school and will continue this role for the foreseeable future. I offered to help with the community directory for the 2019-2020 school year. Within the school, I volunteer for PK lunch duty, provide assistance in my children’s classrooms, and chaperone field trips. 

The ideas I have to improve communication between the school community and PTA are drafting a welcome letter to be sent at the beginning of the school year introducing the president and other executive board members and providing important PTA information to the school community. This information will be beneficial, especially to those who are new to the school community, helping them understand the value of the PTA to the Stokes community.

I would ask the PTA to purchase and hang a bulletin board in the front entrance of the school that is dedicated to Stokes PTA information; it will include important dates, Executive Committee members’ contact information, volunteer opportunities (both immediate needs and ongoing opportunities), and the monthly Treasurer’s report. This will improve transparency among the PTA and the Stokes community.

I will create a master communications calendar that will be used for planning purposes throughout the school year. It will include event dates, channels of communication, and deadlines.

Lastly, I will create targeted email messages about events and volunteer opportunities. Messages can be tailored; for example, we can send one version to the new school community (providing background information), another version to those who’ve been a part of the school for many years but may not have volunteered in the past, and finally a version for those who’ve volunteered in the past and we need their help again. 

We need to cut down on the number of emails sent on a weekly basis. We can do this by being more strategic about how and when we send email messages, placing flyers in kids’ folders and on the PTA bulletin board, and setting up informational tables at the front entrance of the school. 

I hope you will consider me for the position of Communications Chair for the 2019-2020 school year. Thank you. 

(Parent to Colin, 2F, and Olivia, PKFB)  

For questions/more information: kmlearner@hotmail.com

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